Stratfor: Brazil’s Farming Lobby Wields Growing Power

Brazil is a leading agriculture producer after the United States, China and India and a major exporter. The country’s agriculture sector supports trade, which increases agriculture’s political heft and influence over foreign policies, whereas the sector in the United States and the European Union is more protectionist. “With such influence, the farm lobby has forced the government to reduce tax debts, make labor and environmental rules more flexible and provide licenses permitting the expansion of Brazil's agricultural frontier,” reports Stratfor. “The lobby has also supported greater deregulation of the use of pesticides through a bill that would put the Agriculture Ministry in charge of approving new insect-control products rather than the health or environment ministries while also preventing cities and states from introducing legislation to restrict their use.” Agriculture represents about 45 percent of Brazil’s exports, and China is Brazil’s top trade partner. Agriculture’s growth in Brazil is based on land availability and overseas investment. The country holds elections in October. – YaleGlobal

Stratfor: Brazil's Farming Lobby Wields Growing Power

Brazil’s powerful agriculture lobby, growing with China’s support, promotes trade liberalization and pursuit of new export markets and trade deals
Friday, August 31, 2018

Read the article from Stratfor about Brazil’s agriculture lobby.

graph shows Brazil's agriculture represents 6 percent of GDP and 9 percent of labor

Agriculture powerhouses: Nostagia for a historical lifestyle, worries about food security, and in some cases a large labor force may exagerrate agriculture’s political heft; Brazil reports that agriculture represents 21 percent of GDP while World Factbook puts the percentage at less than 10 percent for 2017 (Source: Investopedia and CIA World Factbook)

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