Sudan Military Tries to Clear Protests: Al Jazeera

Sudan security forces have tried to clear a camp of protesters who have persisted for months with demands for civilian rule. At least nine people have died. Most of the protesters have cleared the camp and military vehicles are blocking their return. Protest organizers are now calling for a campaign of civil disobedience in the quest for civilian rule. “The sit-in has become the focal point of Sudan's protest movement, which saw longtime autocrat Omar al-Bashir overthrown in April and has since been calling for the generals who replaced him to hand over power to a civilian-led administration,” reports Al Jazeera. “The operation came days after Sudan's military rulers called the sit-in outside the defence ministry ‘a danger’ to the country's national security and warned that action would be taken against what they called ‘unruly elements.’” The military also ordered closure of Al Jazeera offices in Khartoum. One professor suggested Sudan, Africa’s eight most populous nation, is heading toward civil war. – YaleGlobal

Sudan Military Tries to Clear Protests: Al Jazeera

At least nine killed in ongoing military raid on Khartoum sit-in site, as protesters continue to demand civilian rule
Tuesday, June 4, 2019

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Additional reporting by Mohammed Alamin in Khartoum.

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