Support Withheld on New Brexit Deal: Guardian

The battle over Brexit continues within the United Kingdom as members of parliament voted on an amendment that requires the prime minister to seek a delay on breaking with the European Union. The Letwin amendment “withholds approval of the prime minister’s deal until the legislation to enact it – the EU withdrawal bill – is passed,” reports Andrew Sparrow in live reporting for the Guardian.The vote was 322 to 306. Some MPs expressed concern that the government might abruptly exit the European Union on October 31 with no arrangement in place. Speaker John Bercow holds great power in selecting which motions and amendments go for a vote. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s initial response: He might not seek the extension and instead could suggest to the EU that Brexit proceeds without a deal. EU27 ambassadors will meet the next day. As many as a million protesters marched in London. A divided Europe is in Russia’s interest, and investigations have suggested the country interfered in the 2016 referendum with a social media campaign that included false promises. The UK is severely divided, and Brexit will not bring healing unless it delivers economic benefits, unlikely according to most economic analysts. – YaleGlobal

Support Withheld on New Brexit Deal: Guardian

MPs vote 322 to 306 in favor of Letwin amendment requiring Prime Minister Johnson to seek delay on exit from the European Union, or Brexit
Andrew Sparrow
Saturday, October 19, 2019

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Andrew Sparrow is political correspondent for the Guardian.

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