Taal Volcano Magma Still Rising: Rappler

Taal Volcano began exploding on January 12, the 12th time since the year 1900. “State volcanologists maintained Alert Level 4 for Taal Volcano in the province of Batangas on Saturday, January 18, which means a hazardous eruption could still occur ‘within hours to days,’” reports Rappler. “The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said magma is still rising within Taal, as indicated by persistent volcanic earthquakes.” The area has felt continuous shaking and about 70,000 have been evacuated. The volcano is about 85 kilometers due south of Manila, and the eruption is disrupting agriculture, fishing, tourism and other businesses. The world has more than 1,500 active volcanoes, most around the Pacific’s so-called Ring of Fire, and large eruptions can influence the climate. – YaleGlobal

Taal Volcano Magma Still Rising: Rappler

Taal Volcano in the Philippines is errupting, disrupting fishing, agriculture and other businesses, and the area is on alert
Sunday, January 19, 2020

Taal Volcano

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 Countries With the Most Active Volcanoes US, 173 Russia, 166 Indonesia, 139 Iceland, 130 Japan, 112 Chile, 	104 Ethiopia, 57 Papua New Guinea, 53 Philippines, 	50

(Source: World Atlas)

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