The Telegraph: Victory for Eurosceptic, Populist Parties in Italy Election

Italian voters supported anti-establishment, populist and Euroskeptic parties in Sunday’s election, but no party received the required 40 percent for running the government and a coalition will be necessary. Europe’s fourth largest economy is flailing and concern runs high about unrestrained migration. Unofficial results suggest that Five Star Movement lead by capturing about one-third of all votes; the party, founded by a comedian, attracted young supporters including progressives, libertarians and anarchists and its platform endorses public water, sustainable transport and development, right to internet access and environmentalism. A right-wing coalition received about 37 percent of the vote, and a left-wing coalition received less than 25 percent, but either could fall apart as Five Star tries to form a government. “One scenario would be a loose alliance between Five Star and The League – both have called for hundreds of thousands of unauthorised migrants to be sent back to their home countries and both have raised the prospect in the past of ditching the euro,” reports the Telegraph. “The results suggested that Italy is in for a protracted period of uncertainty and weeks of tortuous horse-trading between the parties.” – YaleGlobal

The Telegraph: Victory for Eurosceptic, Populist Parties in Italy Election

Italy, Europe’s fourth largest economy, enters a period of uncertainty and need for a governing coalition; voters support Five Star Movement and the League
Nick Squires and Peter Foster
Monday, March 5, 2018

Read the article about Italy’s election results, still unofficial, from the Telegraph.

Nick Squires reports from Rome, and Peter Foster is the Europe editor for the Telegraph.

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