Tiananmen Vigil in Hong Kong: SCMP

Thousands gathered in a Hong Kong park and other locations to mark the anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown, reports South China Morning Post. Authorities had banned mass gatherings to prevent the spread of Covid-19, but police did not stop the vigil. “The show of defiance came on a politically charged day as the legislature passed a law criminalising disrespect for the national anthem, amid a raging controversy over China’s top legislative body tailor-making a national security law for the city,” reports the South China Morning Post. “Hong Kong has been the only place on Chinese soil to hold a large-scale public gathering every year to mark the Tiananmen crackdown.” The protests were political, with participants expressing opposition to a new national security law and one-party rule, yet mostly peaceful, with four arrests after a street was blocked. Many demonstrators compared the 1989 efforts to recent protests in Hong Kong about China’s increasing control. Opponents of the national security law worry about a loss of Hong Kong’s freedoms and one country, two systems status. Police may yet arrest organizers. – YaleGlobal

Tiananmen Vigil in Hong Kong: SCMP

Police allow thousands in Hong Kong to remember 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre; legislature passes law criminalizing disrespect for China’s national anthem
Friday, June 5, 2020

Read the article from the South China Morning Post about a gathering to remember the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests.

Reporting was provided by Sum Lok-kei, Holly Chik, Phila Siu, Lilian Cheng, Chan Ho-him, Chris Lau, Kanis Leung, Jeffie Lam, Tony Cheung, Brian Wong, Kathleen Magramo, Gigi Choy, Joyce Ng, Zoe Low and Emily Tsang.

Evening candlelight vigil in Hong Kong's Victoria Park with city's skyline in background
Hong Kong, June 4, 2020 (Source: May Tse, South China Morning Post)

1989 Tiananmen Square Protests Seven weeks Official death estimate: ~ 250 British diplomatic cable: 10,000
(Source: BBC News)

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