The Times of Israel: Trump’s Mideast Policy – Diplomatic Darwinism

Showing no reticence on commenting about volatile regions or upending longstanding US policies, President Donald Trump started the year relaying a string of opinions over Twitter. “In under 100 words, he questioned America’s longstanding financial support for the Palestinian Authority, contradicted his own position on Jerusalem, and indicated that Israel would have to ‘pay’ in future peace negotiations,” explains Raphael Ahren for the Times of Israel. Like many analysts, Ahren anticipates US officials to downplay the social media messages and support the status quo, but Trump’s view of international relations – transactional diplomacy prioritizing US interests for short-term gains with expectations of submission and appreciation from other nations – is on display: Under Trump, the United States expects to get its way on any issue or threats of budget cuts to the United Nations or agencies like UN Relief and Works Agency soon follow. Israeli defense experts point out that cuts to refugee camps would encourage infiltration by extremists. Most nations remain defiant of the US stance: 128 nations approved a UN General Assembly resolution condemning US recognition of Israel’s capital. – YaleGlobal

The Times of Israel: Trump’s Mideast Policy – Diplomatic Darwinism

US president threatens to withdraw aid from the Palestinian Authority and make Israel “pay more,” and yet claims to continue peace efforts
Raphael Ahren
Wednesday, January 3, 2018

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Raphael Ahren is the diplomatic correspondent at The Times of Israel.

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