UK Chlorinated Chicken Ban? Guardian

European consumers and farmers express disdain for chlorinated chicken, a treatment that prevents bacterial contamination “The EU will demand that the UK maintains a ban on chlorinated chicken as the price for a trade agreement with Brussels, in a move that protects European meat exports and creates an obstacle to a deal with [the US],” reports the Guardian. A clause in the EU’s proposal would require parties to maintain “health and product sanitary quality in the food and agriculture sector.” The clause is intended to cover certain pesticides, hormones and treatments. UK farmers express concern about other countries dictating terms, including chlorine-washed chicken. Critics of chlorine washes for food suggest such treatments compensate for poor farm or transport conditions. EU members suggest they seek high standards, while not requiring complete alignment on rules yet seeking penalties for deviations. The European Union also expects the UK to abide by the bloc’s rules on industry subsidies and aid and not use the Irish border to manipulate trade. Treaty negotiations cover a range of complex areas, and the goal is to finish before the end of the year. – YaleGlobal

UK Chlorinated Chicken Ban? Guardian

EU trade negotiating document aims for the United Kingdom to ban chlorine-washed chicken and prevent such products entering European markets
Daniel Boffey and Jennifer Rankin
Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Read the article from the Guardian about a clause in an EU negotiating document for a trade agreeement with the UK.    

Daniel Boffey is the Guardian’s Brussels bureau chief.

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