An Unending Refugee Tragedy: Europe’s Path to Deadly Partition

European leaders were ashamed after the 2013 sinking of a rickety boat with more than 500 refugees near the Italian island of Lampedusa. The EU promised measures to avoid such tragedies, but thousands still use life savings to attempt the treacherous crossing, fleeing poverty and conflict in Africa, Syria and beyond. Many refugees do not survive. The article in Spiegel Online reviews the array of European policy responses and the increasing polarization over immigration since the 2013 tragedy. Member states disagree about assigning responsibility to the entire EU or states bordering the Mediterranean, whether to emphasize rescue or strict border controls, whether to intercept migrants or assist them in reaching refugee camps on shore. Strict enforcement has not deterred the traffickers and flow of migrants, and no easy solution is at hand. “People are in dire need, but politicians are instead pulling the brakes on effective measures to help them or, worse, are involved in political deal-making at their expense,” the writers note. “It's no longer as easy to shirk responsibility for what is happening.” – YaleGlobal

An Unending Refugee Tragedy: Europe's Path to Deadly Partition

The EU wants to prevent refugee dramas in the Mediterranean; policies adopted after the 2013 Lampedusa tragedy shows they’ve made a terrible situation deadlier
Matthias Gebauer, Horand Knaup, Peter Müller, Maximilian Popp, Jörg Schindler and Christoph Schult
Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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