US AIDS Program in Africa: Entitlement” or Success?

Drastic government reform was a cornerstone of President Donald Trump’s campaign, and his actions are fulfilling that promise. His transition team for the US State Department disseminated questionnaires inquiring whether the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief was “worth the massive investment.” Since instituted the by George W. Bush in 2003, the program has contributed more than $72 billion to combat HIV/AIDS around the world. In recent years, most funds have been directed to “bulking up local health systems in AIDS-affected countries and training local personnel,” reports Ryan Lenora Brown for the Christian Science Monitor. To be sure, some South Africans suggest that the program “needs rethinking” for the continent to become more self-sufficient. Most scientists and health officials, however, deem the program a success: Life expectancy in South Africa has increased by almost ten years. Analysts also note how globalization of the disease means that helping Africa in the fight against AIDS also helps the United States. – YaleGlobal

US AIDS Program in Africa: Entitlement" or Success?

Trump administration eyes the billion-dollar President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief with wariness, despite global reach of AIDS and success stor
Ryan Lenora Brown
Monday, January 30, 2017

Ryan Lenora Brown is a freelance correspondent for the Monitor in Johannesburg, South Africa.                   

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