U.S. Won’t Lift Sanctions Until Libya Keeps Its Word

The encouraging news that Libya is willing to disarm its nuclear weapons program came as a relief to the international community and a promise for increased regional stability. Despite these hopeful signs, the US is wary of lifting economic sanctions on Libya until some definite progress is made to dismantle the program. Washington's hesitancy is partly due to continued suspicions about Libya's sponsorship of terrorist organizations in North Africa. Analysts say, however, that the US position is also designed to send a strong message to North Korea that the US will not give away any economic favors without seeing results. As America and other states struggle to resolve the North Korean crisis, any and all messages sent by American actions become all the more important. – YaleGlobal

U.S. Won't Lift Sanctions Until Libya Keeps Its Word

Steven Weisman
Sunday, December 21, 2003

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