Vaping More Dangerous Than First Realized: Vox

Using smokeless tobacco use is healthier than smoked tobacco, and marketing relies on that premise. But that does not mean smokeless tobacco carries no risk, and public health experts express concerns that the products include a range of additives and aerosol particles, with marketing that targets youth: “[R]esearchers around the world are now scrambling to figure out what impact this new habit might have on developing bodies and brains in the long term,” reports Julia Belluz for Vox. “And they’re finding that e-cigarettes may be more dangerous than we’ve appreciated, especially for hearts, lungs, and brains. There’s also a growing body of research suggesting that vaping can lead to smoking.” The evidence is divided about whether vaping helps users quit tobacco products or acts as a gateway product. Vox summarizes many studies and emphasizes long-term research is required for complete understanding of the effects of smokeless tobacco, A more immediate danger, while rare, is that the devices can explode. The global cigarette market was worth US$888 billion in 2018. – YaleGlobal

Vaping More Dangerous Than First Realized: Vox

The number of smokeless tobacco users climbs worldwide – e-cigarettes may safer than cigarettes, but there are still risks
Julia Belluz
Friday, July 12, 2019

Read the article from Vox about research on risks to smokeless tobacco and vaping.

Julia Belluz is Vox’s senior health correspondent, focused on medicine, science, and public health. She’s covered topics as varied as the anti-vaccine movementAmerica’s staggering maternal mortality problem, how dark chocolate became a health food, and what makes America’s sickest county so unhealthy. She has also debunked numerous medical misinformation peddlers such as Dr. OzGwyneth Paltrow, and Alex Jones. In 2015, Julia launched Vox’s Show Me the Evidence series, which goes beyond the frenzy of daily headlines to take a deeper look at the state of the science behind pressing health questions, from treatments for chronic back pain to why exercise is not helpful when it comes to weight loss.

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growing number of smokeless tobacco users worldwide, WHO 2018 report

(Source: World Health Organization report, 2018)

estimates of smokeless tobacco users by region, WHO report

(Source: World Health Organization report, 2018)

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