Wave of Fires Hits Brazil: Folha de S. Paulo

More than 70,000 fires have broken out in Brazil for this year, representing an 83 percent increase over the same period last year, according to the National Institute for Space Research, reports a team for Folha de S. Paulo. More than 60 fires are burning indigenous and other protected lands, with large swaths of vegetation lost. “The fire outbreak is often associated with deforestation,” report Fabiano Maisonnave and Phillippe Watanabe. “The Amazon Environmental Research Institute [Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Amazônia] reported ... that the ten Amazonian municipalities that most recorded outbreaks of fires were also the ones with the highest deforestation rates.” Other fires are related to controlled burns for agriculture, industrial, government and indigenous tribal purposes. The Amazon’s forest cover has been slowly shrinking since 1970. – YaleGlobal

Wave of Fires Hits Brazil: Folha de S. Paulo

Fires in Brazil hit 68 protected areas, and Ilha Grande National Park has already lost at least 32.500 hectares of its vegetation cover
Fabiano Maisonnave and Phillippe Watanabe
Thursday, August 22, 2019

Read the article from Folha de S. Paulo about the fires in Brazil.

The article was translated by Kiratiana Freelon.

graph showing decline Amazon forest cover since 1970

(Source: Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais, INPE, or National Institute of Space Research, Brazil, and Wikipedia)

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