Welcome To Brazil: The Effect of Immigration on the Country’s Economy

Countries benefit by attracting and retaining highly qualified immigrants. New entrepreneurs create business and jobs, and can be key to economic development. Secure emerging economies are particularly attractive, and Brazil has seen a recent inflow of such skilled workers, with temporary immigrant numbers rising 135 percent in the last six years. But as Arthur Pinheiro Machado writes in Forbes, “despite the recent growth of immigrants, they are still only 0.3% of the total population, which is insignificant compared to other developed countries like the United States (14.51%), Singapore (42.9%) or Switzerland (28.9%).” Machado suggests Brazil has become increasingly attractive to those who want to gain experience in its “complex and diverse market” and benefit from higher salaries, but the country has not yet responded with concrete strategies and policies. Brazilian official must still develop “robust immigration policies” to attract and retain immigrant professionals, and leverage the “mutually beneficially relationship for both foreigners and the country.” – YaleGlobal

Welcome To Brazil: The Effect of Immigration on the Country's Economy

Highly qualified immigrants are flocking to Brazil, but at rates far behind those of other developed countries – immigrants make up 0.3 percent of population
Arthur Pinheiro Machado
Friday, January 9, 2015

Arthur Pinheiro Machado is the CEO of Americas Trading Group (ATG), a company specialized in electronic trading that is planning to launch a new stock exchange in Brazil in 2015, in partnership with NYSE Euronext. At ATG, he is responsible for the implementation of the company’s business strategy. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA in Finance and MSC in Mathematical Methods for Finance.

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