What Is 5G? Digital Trends

Cities anticipate rapid installment of faster 5G networks and communities confront decisions on spectrum bands and the firms that will install. China will likely be the first with commercial 5G service, with other countries quick to follow, reports Christian de Looper for Digital Trends. In a summary of 5G highlights, with emphasis on US capabilities, he explains that the new networks are expected to provide improved mobile broadband service as well as contribute to more remote sensors and tracking that improve autonomous vehicles, infrastructure, health care, city services and more. “One of the most exciting and crucial aspects of 5G is its effect on the Internet of Things,” he writes. “While we currently have sensors that can communicate with each other, they tend to require a lot of resources and are quickly depleting LTE data capacity.” The six major companies providing network products include Qualcomm, Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung and ZTE. The United States has disrupted Huawei’s global rollout with accusations over surveillance and bans, encouraging allies to do likewise. The article concludes by advising readers not to rush on investing in new phones and equipment until rollouts and innovations are assessed. – YaleGlobal

What Is 5G? Digital Trends

5G's arrival is transforming technology – and communities need to understand the challenges
Christian de Looper
Saturday, June 1, 2019

Read the article from Digital Trends about the expectations on 5G services.

Christian de Looper’s interest in technology began as a child in Australia, when he stumbled upon a computer at a garage sale that he knew didn’t work, but he bought anyway. Apart from writing about tech, Christian spends his time in the music studio as a producer.

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