When America Goes AWOL: Times of India

The United States, reporting 33 percent of the world’s Covid-19 cases with 4 percent of the population, has stepped back from global leadership. A bungled pandemic response delivered a blow to US moral and intellectual standing. “After having cut off funding for WHO – a critical player in these times – Washington announced it would not join a global effort to find a vaccine for the virus,” writes Nayan Chanda. “American leadership chose to go AWOL just as the new challenger China was ramping up its campaign to dislodge the US.” Meanwhile, China publicizes its success in controlling the virus while donating medical supplies to about 80 nations. China also donated more funding to the World Health Organization to help make up for the US cuts. China pushes to gather praise and criticize democracies, while wasting no time in tightening controls on Hong Kong and reinforcing claims in the South China Sea. Such moves increase wariness among Asian neighbors. Vietnam, the Philippines, India and others could team up to denounce aggression and block economic investments. US-Chinese tensions also run high, but Asian partners may wonder if the United States, so weakened by the pandemic, will actually take steps in confronting China. – YaleGlobal

When America Goes AWOL: Times of India

The US is busy with Covid-19, and aggressive China rushes in to fill the vacuum, wanting the world to play by Beijing’s rules
Nayan Chanda
Monday, June 1, 2020

Read the essay from The Times of India about the US stepping back on global leadership. 

 Nayan Chanda, the founding editor of YaleGlobal Online, is a US-based journalist who writes columns for the Times of India.

China US - Covid-19 and Security: 	Military spending as % of GDP	Covid-19 cases/million people China	2%,	3; US 3%,	312
Rivals: Global and domestic audiences assess leaders of the world's two largest economies on Covid-19 and other crises (Source: Worldometer and Global Firepower)

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