Why #I’llRideWithYou Worked

Muslims represent about 2 percent of Australia’s population. After a lone extremist, out on bail for serious charges, terrorized a group in a Sydney chocolate store, Twitter users realized that Muslims might expect a backlash and started a campaign on #I’llRideWithYou: “the hashtag began with a Facebook post … [by a woman] who said a Muslim woman sitting next to her on a train in Sydney had quietly taken off her headscarf,” reports Husna Haq. “The hashtag quickly went viral, generating 40,000 tweets in just two hours and more than 170,000 worldwide.” The article debates the utility of such messages. Messages are often limited to a few followers and capture attention briefly, yet they also reflect a public mood. Haq points out that a successful Twitter campaign raises awareness, cultivates solidarity and urges specific action. – YaleGlobal

Why #I'llRideWithYou Worked

The Australian hostage crisis spawned the hashtag #illridewithyou – popular because it raised awareness and urged specific action
Husna Haq
Friday, December 19, 2014
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