You’ve Got Fail: High School Students Claim Hack on CIA Director’s AOL Account

Internet users can be swift and harsh with online judgments. US authorities are investigating claims that the CIA director’s email account was hacked with details on 20 employees released. One hacker claims to be a US high school student – “not Muslim” and “motivated by opposition to US foreign policy and support for Palestine.” Violence has spiked in Israel this month: Random, sudden knife and gun attacks have left eight dead; police shot a refugee from Africa seeking work, and mall shoppers beat him after mistaking him for a terrorist. Social media instantly delivers insights, analysis and rumors triggering emotions on the other side of the world. One technical specialist described the Brenner incident as a “social engineering” attack: Social media and online biographies provide access to personal details, allowing easy password resets. Intel’s security chief points out that consumers fail to use extra layers of security available with accounts. The article by Sam Thielman for the Guardian reminds that tough security measures can minimize connections, too. – YaleGlobal

You've Got Fail: High School Students Claim Hack on CIA Director's AOL Account

Hack of CIA director’s AOL account said to be motivated by “support for Palestine”; personal details on 20 CIA employees posted on Twitter, then removed
Sam Thielman
Tuesday, October 20, 2015
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