Heroes of the Republic: Filipinos Abroad

Barry Mirkin
January 11, 2018

China Rebalancing Won’t Doom Region

Asia will benefit if China shifts from reliance on exports towards consumption-led growth
Deepak Gopinath
October 24, 2012

Amid US Outsourcing Fears, India’s IT Firms Thrive

As candidate, Obama blasts outsourcing; as president, he emphasizes exports and cooperation
Patrick Thibodeau
October 17, 2012

In US, Every Four Years, Much Ado Over China

US presidential candidates rail about China’s unfair trade practices – then backtrack once in power
Edward Gresser
February 15, 2012

Tax Reform May Not Bring US Jobs Back

Rising productivity, not taxes, is behind drop in US manufacturing jobs
David Dapice
February 3, 2012

Japan in a Post 3/11 World – Part II

After the earthquake-tsunami, Japanese manufacturers consider offshoring, but firms that stay could get stronger
John Berthelsen
October 7, 2011

Global Finance: Trade Winds Shifting

Jonathan Gregson
August 5, 2017

Your Job Is About to Get “Taskified”

About one third of US jobs could be organized into tasks for outsourcing, temp work by 2050
Mary L. Gray
February 18, 2016