Reviving an Old Dream of Afro-Asian Cooperation

Fifty years after the Bandung meeting, a prosperous Asia is better placed, but many hurdles remain
Thomas Abraham
May 24, 2005

North Ugandan Conflict, Forgotten But Still Deadly

Unless the world helps in the peace effort, civil unrest could destabilize the region and hamper progress
Katherine Southwick
March 9, 2005

Africa's Hungry Are Fed Bad Policies

Incorrect IMF advice and the US push for genetically modified food only worsen existing food crises
Paul Kwengwere
December 30, 2004

Letting Sudan Get Away with Murder

Debate over whether to call the mass murder in Darfur "genocide" is preventing efforts to bring those responsible to justice
Ben Kiernan
February 4, 2005

Fueling a Crisis in Nigeria

As the government and civil society battle over economic reforms, the oil giant's citizens may stand to lose the most
Olly Owen
October 25, 2004

US Election and the World – Part IV

Though dissatisfied with Bush's policies, Africans must come to terms with the realities of US power
Zubeida Jaffer
November 15, 2004