Europe's Deadly Borders: An Inside Look at EU's Shameful Immigration Policy

Thousands risk lives to flee conflicts; patrols struggle with rescues
Maximilian Popp
September 16, 2014

Heading Off a Bigger Ebola Catastrophe

Paradoxically, open borders combined with screening reduces fear and prevents spread
Scott Gottlieb and Tevi Troy
September 15, 2014

Ebola Is Rapidly Mutating As It Spreads Across West Africa

International researchers worked around clock to sequence DNA
Michaeleen Doucleff
September 1, 2014

Arab Nations Strike in Libya, Surprising US

Middle East divide over Islamist threats, a race to provide arms, stalls diplomatic efforts
David D. Kirkpatrick and Eric Schmittaug
August 26, 2014

Study: Illegal Poaching Could Drive African Elephants to Extinction

Chinese demand for ivory tusks drives poaching
Brad Plumer
August 22, 2014