Worst Drought in Half-Century Shrivels the Wheat Belt of China

Climate change could hike food prices and unemployment rates
Michael Wines
February 25, 2009

For East Asia, Crisis Prompts a Rethinking of Dependence on Exports

Trade dwindling around the world spurs new financial strategy in East Asia
Keith Bradsher
March 5, 2009

N. Korea Plans Free Trade Zone on Island

China may get slim opportunity to influence the isolated nation
Toru Makinoda
February 5, 2009

Asian Central Banks Consider Alternatives to Big Dollar Holdings

In efforts to reduce US dollar reserves, Asian Tigers, China and Japan could spook US bond markets
Phillip Day
February 5, 2004

Indonesia Urges Global Boycott on Malaysian Timber

Tensions between Malaysia and Indonesia mount as illegal trade in rare logs continues
Fabiola Desy Unidjaja
February 13, 2004