Central Asia Description

Central Asian University Aims to Train Region's Next Leaders

Central Asians find hope for the future in the new Central Asian University that teaches its classes somewhat differently: in English.
Barbara Crossette
August 26, 2002

Is Mexico the New China?

Gyrating fuel prices and labor cost slow outsourcing to Asia
Rafael Rivero, Sara Miller Llana
September 17, 2008

Pakistan’s Dangerous Double Game

Taliban manages to split US-Pakistani alliance
Ron Moreau
September 16, 2008

Jobs Here and in China a White House Topic

In both the US and China, rising unemployment becomes a political problem
Jim Yardley
December 9, 2003

Resurgent Taliban Threatens Afghan Stability, US Says

Peace and security still a long way off
Steven R. Weisman
November 19, 2003