Central Asia Description

An Empire's Fraying Edge

The creeping destabilization of the north Caucasus has implications for the future of Russia
February 15, 2005

Central Asia Is Corrupted by Cotton

Wealthy middlemen exploit farmers and environment in post-Soviet agricultural systems
Quentin Peel
March 10, 2005

Russia Faces Foreign Policy Debate for 2005

Experts ponder the options for revitalizing Russia's waning regional and international standing
Igor Torbakov
January 18, 2005

Quality Drugs, by the Kilo

Despite Western rhetoric about eliminating the illicit trade, anyone can do a deal in the opium bazaars of Afghanistan
Paul McGeough
January 13, 2005

The Russian-Turkish Rapprochement Could Benefit Armenia

Putin and Erdogan meet to shift Russian and Turkish attention to their old stomping grounds: Central Asia
Haroutiun Khachatrian
February 3, 2005