Central Asia Description

Akayev: We Do Democracy the Kyrgyz Way

Kyrgyz president Akayev argues against one-size-fits-all model of democratic reform
Erdin Beshimov
October 18, 2004

Disney Is Tailoring New Park to Fit Hong Kong Sensitivities

Across the Pacific, Disney launches the Hong Kong version of an American brand
Keith Bradsher
October 13, 2004

Central Asia: Corruption, Lack of Vision Seen as Stunting Economic Growth

Policy forum blames corruption, lack of cooperation for Central Asian economic morass
Andrew Tully
October 11, 2004

Kabul Needs Good Neighbours

Regional stability and Afghan development are inextricably linked
Stanley A. Weiss
September 7, 2004

Aid Agency Quits Afghanistan over Security Fears

Doctors without Borders cites Taliban attacks and American policy for pullout
Ewen MacAskill
July 29, 2004