Germany Deadlocked Over Immigration Policy

Foreign workers are needed to maintain prosperity, but many worry about diluting national identity
Dominic Sachsenmaier
August 22, 2003

Moving Money from One Pocket to Another

Will the EU's new farm reform package bolster its position in the WTO?
Shada Islam
August 1, 2003

Knock, Knock…Who's There? Many Migrants!

Rising populations in the developing world and greying populations in the developed world are creating new pressures.
Joseph Chamie
August 5, 2003

China’s Crackdown on Tibet Divides Europe

Europe can’t decide if human rights trump trade in relations with Asian giant
Shada Islam
April 14, 2008

US Pushes Pie-in-the-Sky Missile Defense in Europe

Rather than shoot down any enemy missiles, the plans risk starting an arms race
Tom Sauer
April 2, 2008

A New Era in EU-ASEAN Relations?

European Commission proposal full of good intentions, but it may not find support at home.
Shada Islam
July 23, 2003