The Withdrawal Syndrome – Part I

Withdrawal in Iraq does not preclude success elsewhere in the world
Richard N. Haass
October 31, 2006

The Withdrawal Syndrome – Part II

The meaning of victory in Iraq continues to disintegrate
Dilip Hiro
November 2, 2006

Middle East: Marching Backward to the Future

Arabs, seething about their regimes, seek to redeem honor by riding the Hezbollah wave
Barry Rubin
August 22, 2006

Iran’s Lebanon Card

To attack or to negotiate, the world has a stark choice in confronting Iran
George Perkovich
August 24, 2006

Call the Conflict by Its Proper Name: Geo-Civil War

Stability for the Middle East is a top priority, as instability only emboldens radicals and forces that oppose democracy
John Brenkman
September 12, 2006

Iran Befriends Iraq

The US overthrow of Saddam reconciles old enemies
Dilip Hiro
September 19, 2006