Pakistan and the Afghanistan End Game – Part II

Pakistan sees no reason to stop supporting terrorists
Ashley J. Tellis
March 15, 2010

Pakistan and the Afghanistan End Game – Part I

Islamabad’s effort for a greater influence in Kabul could undermine prospects for stability
Ahmed Rashid
March 12, 2010

Northeast India: Boiling Pot of International Rivalry – Part II

Border disputes are about recognition not land
Bertil Lintner
February 19, 2010

Northeast India: Boiling Pot of International Rivalry – Part I

Bangladesh was a conduit for anti-India insurgency
Bertil Lintner
February 17, 2010

Solving Afghanistan: Elephant in the Room is Indo-Pakistan Rivalry

The Taliban won’t come to the table without Pakistan, but it would antagonize India
Harsh V. Pant
February 1, 2010

India Wants to Join the Non-Proliferation Treaty as a Weapon State

Likely opposition aside, will India’s membership strengthen the treaty?
David P. Fidler, Sumit Ganguly
January 27, 2010

India Is Suffering One of Its Worst Droughts in Decades

The monsoon may bring relief, but water should be conserved to account for seasonal variations
Archana Chaudhary
May 4, 2016

What You Need to Know About Growing Extremist Violence in Bangladesh

The government fears antagonizing religious parties
Nikhil Kumar and Rishi Iyengar
April 29, 2016

Indonesia’s Hesitancy on the Global Stage

Reform of global institutions requires active participation by developing nations
Nithin Coca
April 27, 2016

A Tale of Two Countries

China is highly strategic in industrializing by acquiring foreign firms
Nayan Chanda
April 19, 2016

Rohingya Left Behind in Myanmar's Power Transition

Minority Muslims are denied citizenship, education and opportunity
Lucy Kafanov
April 1, 2016