Crisis Puts Burma Back in the Spotlight

Sustained focus is the only way to end Burma's spiraling descent
David I. Steinberg
June 11, 2003

Developing Countries Worse Off Than Once Thought – Part II

Perhaps the World Bank should stop helping those unwilling to help themselves
Devesh Kapur
February 13, 2008

After Bhutto, Pakistan on Edge

With the country exploding in anger, Pakistan’s fate hangs on how political leaders decide to restore stability
Ahmed Rashid
January 1, 2008

America's War on Terror Goes Awry in Pakistan

Rise of Taliban's allies threatens stability and quashes hope for democracy.
Ahmed Rashid
June 4, 2003

The Next Steps For Burma

The international community, including ASEAN, must press for a contact group and a truth commission
Amitav Acharya
October 26, 2007

Trade and Security Trump Democracy in Burma – Part II

Human-rights advocates protest outside all the wrong places
Salil Tripathi
October 4, 2007

Indonesia Nabs Ship Believed to Carry Slave-Caught Fish

Associated Press tracked trawler with satellite beacon and alerted Indonesian authorities
Margie Mason
August 18, 2015

Indian Rapper “Overwhelmed” by Success of Protest Song Against Unilever

Company questions if poisoning is linked to work at thermometer factory
August 11, 2015

10 Years On, SCO Decides to Induct India as Full Member

The door is open to Pakistan, too; SCO counts on new members to minimize conflict
Anil Sasi
July 14, 2015

Islamic State Seen Overtaking Al Qaeda in South Asia Social Media War

The Islamic State is not yet providing material support to the Taliban
Katharine Houreld
June 22, 2015

3D Printing Comes Of Age

Anyone can be a manufacturer
Nayan Chanda
June 5, 2015