The global economy thrives on globalization and the increasing interdependence of finance, production, consumption and trade. Such integration has reduced poverty, yet varying national policies along with ever-increasing speed of transactions and market news have also contributed to imbalances, both among nations and within. Regulations often do not keep pace in managing cross-border debt, foreign direct investment, corporate practices, tax codes or economic bubbles. The eurozone crisis and the US subprime mortgage crisis have demonstrated that one nation’s problems and panic can spread like wildfire. Nations must combine a competitive spirit with cooperation to achieve stable economic growth and sustainable prosperity.

Is the Sun Setting on US Dominance? – Part II

Presiding over a network of powerful regional alliances, the US can maintain its preeminence
Jiang Qian
February 29, 2008

India’s Forgotten Farmers

For globalization to succeed, the country’s rural population needs to connect with urban markets
Tarun Khanna
March 7, 2008

Bush in Africa: A Continent Adrift

Internal weakness exacerbated by mistaken international approach has destabilized Africa
Donald Steinberg
February 18, 2008

Free Press Essential for Hong Kong's Success

A service economy cannot grow without the free flow of information.
Zhiwu Chen
July 2, 2003

There is More to Transatlantic Relations Than Security

It is time for the US to strengthen the economic common ground with Europe.
Jeffrey E. Garten
July 9, 2003

Globalization and the Markets – Part I

Complicated new financial tools outpaced the comprehension of regulators, bankers or customers
David Dapice
January 22, 2008

Consumers Unlikely to Rescue China's Sputtering Economy

Many Chinese households balk at taking on more debt
Huang Zhilong
August 2, 2016

A Brief History of (In)equality

The problem has multiple sources and no easy solutions
J. Bradford DeLong
July 28, 2016

With Globalization in Danger, G-20 Double Down on a Defense

Countries were already enacting policies to spread benefits of globalization and growth
July 26, 2016

Global Elites Must Heed the Warning of Populist Rage

Inequality and stagnant incomes threaten democracies
Martin Wolf
July 21, 2016

Brexit: Boon or Bane

The British decision suggests that nations will struggle to cooperate on pressing global challenges
Nayan Chanda
July 11, 2016