Al Jazeera: Russia’s Endgame in Syria

Analysts can only conjecture what is in store for Syria, Ukraine and other parts of the world where Russia and the United States have an interest. The US and Russian presidents held a private summit and only the translators know what was really said. Syria was discussed. Both countries battled the Islamic State extremists, with Russia and Iran backing the Bashar al Assad regime and the United States once supporting Assad’s removal. The United States increasingly targets Iran, opposing its influence in Syria. “A possible trade between the two great powers seems therefore possible, wherein the US and its regional allies (Israel and the Arab Gulf States) would cease attempting to undermine the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (and thereby accepting Russia's domination in Syria) in exchange for forcing Iran out,” suggests Marwan Kabalan for Al Jazeera. Russia could want some deal on Ukraine and removal of western sanctions in return. Russia’s Vladimir Putin, keen to show the United States as unreliable to its many allies, could decide Syria’s future. – YaleGlobal

Al Jazeera: Russia's Endgame in Syria

Russia may want to use the gains it made in Syria as a bargaining chip with the United States on Ukraine and the economic sanctions
Marwan Kabalan
Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Read the article from Al Jazeera about Russia’s possible use of Syria as a bargaining chip.

Marwan Kabalan is a Syrian academic and writer. He holds a PhD degree in International Relations. He is the director of policy analysis at the Arab Centre for Research and Policy Studies.

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