China Media as Government Entities: New York Times

Rejecting concerns about press freedom, the Trump administration has designated five Chinese media entities as foreign government functionaries. The action comes at the heels of a trade war and scrutiny of Chinese involvement in education, research and telecommunication. Five news outlets will be required to report staff names, personal details, property holdings and US staff turnover under the Foreign Missions Act, according to the New York Times: “Enacted in 1982, the law is a legal tool intended to ensure equitable treatment for American diplomats serving in countries around the world, often under onerous government restrictions. It deals with such things as providing visas, acquiring property and extending diplomatic immunity in matters of criminal wrongdoing.” Xinhua, CGTN, China Radio, China Daily and The People’s Daily are among China’s most popular media. US State Department officials suggest the goal is to confront Chinese lobbying efforts, influence and intelligence operations in the United States. The article briefly compares media activities of Russia and China: The former sows distrust in democracy; the latter tends to praise China’s economic and social achievements. China experts allege that state media propaganda also cover up human rights abuses. Other analysts warn that China could retaliate against US journalists. – YaleGlobal

China Media as Government Entities: New York Times

Trump administration declares five Chinese media outlets as government entities that must register under the Foreign Missions Act
Lara Jakes and Steven Lee Myers
Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Read the article from the New York Times about the US State Department naming five Chinese media outlets as government entities.

Lara Jakes is a diplomatic correspondent based in the Washington bureau of The New York Times. Over the past two decades, Ms. Jakes has reported and edited from more than 40 countries and covered war and sectarian fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, the West Bank and Northern Ireland.

Steven Lee Myers is the Beijing bureau chief for The New York Times. He joined The Times in 1989 and has previously worked as a correspondent in Moscow, Baghdad and Washington. He is the author of The New Tsar: The Rise and Reign of Vladimir Putin, published by Alfred A. Knopf in 2015.

Newspaper name	Daily Circulation (thousand) Cankao Xiaoxi (Xinhua News Agency)	 3,073  The People's Daily	 3,000  Global Times (owned by People's Daily)	 1,700  Xinhua Daily News (Xinhua News Agency)	 1,500  China Daily	 900

(Source: China Daily, Xinhuanet, People’s Daily,

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