COVID-19 – Ordeal for Globalization: Jakarta Post

Analysts debate globalization’s role in the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, whether in spreading the disease or helping move needed services and goods. Writing for the Jakarta Post, Darmansjah Djumala categorizes globalization as both “process” and “order” – the first through technological advancements in transportation and communications and the second as a system of regulation and rule of law. The pandemic has disrupted supply chains and other connections along with systems intended to provide order. The World Trade Organization generally prohibits restrictive trade practices, with exceptions for food shortages or security interests during emergencies. Some nations did restrict export of medical supplies, but others also shipped large donations. Governments can control globalization’s many impacts through diplomacy and reinforcement of regional supply chains, practicing coordination and cooperation to reduce social instability. “Globalization as a process continues to move in proportion to technological progress and human imagination,” explains Indonesian diplomat Darmansjah Djumala for the Jakarta Post. “As long as human imagination continues to develop and is manifested in civilization, globalization will not end.” – YaleGlobal

COVID-19 – Ordeal for Globalization: Jakarta Post

Covid-19 will not stop globalization and the imagination that drives it, and governments can control the many impacts through diplomacy
Darmansjah Djumala
Thursday, May 21, 2020

Read the article from the Jakarta Post about globalization and the Covid-19 and how governments can control with diplomacy and supply chains.

Darmansjah Djumala is a senior Indonesian diplomat assigned to Austria and the United Nations in Vienna and a lecturer in the postgraduate program at the International Relations Department of Padjadjaran University, Bandung.


Globalization and Diplomacy  “The resulting interdependencies among nations have swelled the domestic costs of attempting to coerce others to alter their behavior.  As a result, the need to build cooperation, to persuade and cajole, to build shared codes of conduct from which all actors might benefit, has grown in importance for diplomats of all stripes.”    – Pamela K. Starr, USC Center on Public Diplomacy
(Source: USC Center on Public Diplomacy)

Lowy Institute Global Diplomacy Index		 	Total diplomatic posts	Confirmed Covid-19 cases (May 20): 1 China	276,	84063 2 US	273,	1529785 3 France	267,	180933 4 Japan	247, 16367 5 Russia 242, 308705 6 Turkey	235,	151615 7 Germany	224, 177842, 8 Brazil	222, 271885 9 Spain 215, 232037 10 Italy 209,	226699
Method for controlling globalization: The 2019 Lowy Diplomacy Index ranks countries based on diplomatic networks and geographic reach (Source: Lowy Institute)

Map showing diplomatic posts and consulates around the globe
Outreach: The Lowy Institute offers rankings on diplomacy and an interative map on global reach (Source: Lowy Institute)

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