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Older and younger people alike are reconsidering the size of their homes and how many belongings they should own. Decluttering and downsizing are in vogue, and many people conduct regular inventories to assess which belongings they have not used or touched during the previous year. “Moving from a regular house into a tiny house brought that reckoning forward for me,” writes Nick Barnett for Stuff. “I learned that downsizing is a matter partly of changing habits of thinking, partly of practice makes perfect.” He reviews the stages in how reduced his possessions, advising to divide these in categories – keep, recycle, donate, sell or toss. The sorting triggers memories and gives people the opportunity to determine what is precious in life. – YaleGlobal

Downsizing and Letting Go: Stuff

More people strive to live simply, with young and aging populations downsizing, reducing their possessions and learning to let go
Nick Barnett
Saturday, December 14, 2019

Read the article from Stuff about people downsizing their homes and reducing clutter.

Skylar Olsen, reporting for Zillow, describes downsizing trends in the United States, the world’s largest economy:

- Younger buyers pursue affordability.

- Eco-consciousness is growing.

- Older homeowners prefer smaller, less maintenance-heavy and more accessible homes.  

Age 65 and Older as Percent of Population, Selected OECD Nations 	 	 Mexico	7% Chile 	12% Australia	16% US	16% Canada	17% UK	18% Denmark	20% France	20% Germany	21% Finland	22% Italy 	23% Japan	28%

Quest for ease:  Older people, worried about reduced social services, seek low-maintenance and affordability in homes  (Source: World Bank)

Population 14 and Younger as Percent of Population	 Central Europe	15% EU	15% North Amer	18% East Asia/Pacific	20% Latin Amer/Caribbean	25% World	26% South Asia 	28% Middle East/N Africa 	30% Sub-Saharan Africa	43%

Need for affordability: Younger adults struggle with debt and low wages, while also embracing environmental protection   (Source: World Bank)

tny house in Belize

Tiny homes: Young and old increasingly favor small homes (Source: Josh Gross)

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