EU Opens Borders to 14 Countries: DW

The European Union, seeking to protect its citizens from the Covid-19 pandemic and citing epidemiological factors like testing trends and serious public health responses, is opening its borders to nationals from 14 nations. The EU is also extending a travel ban imposed in mid-March for travelers from the United States, Brazil, Russia and most other countries beyond July 1. The United States, with less than 4 percent of the world’s population, represents about 25 percent of all Covid-19 cases. “A lack of interstate coordination and an uneven response from the federal government has contributed to several new outbreaks across the country,” reports Deutsche Welle, adding that the list is technically a recommendation. EU member states are responsible for implementing the recommendation and can lift some restrictions with full transparency. The EU will update the list every two weeks. China can go if it allows EU nationals to travel there. Anthony Fauci, infectious disease expert at the US National Institutes of Health, testified in a congressional hearing that US cases could exceed 100,000 per day if the country does not control the current surge. – YaleGlobal

EU Opens Borders to 14 Countries: DW

China makes cut – while nationals of US, Brazil, Russia do not – for travel to the EU – officials describe ban as “exercise of self-responsibility”
Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Read the article from Deutsche Welle about the European Union extending its travel ban.

Also read the article from US Today about infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci testifying before a congressional committee: “Asked what’s going wrong, he said several states may have moved ‘too quickly’ and skipped over some of the checkpoints laid out for a safe reopening. But even in areas where state and local officials followed the federal guidelines, individuals acted as if all restrictions had been lifted.” Models had predicted a steep rise in cases if guidelines for safe reopening went ignored.

Revised EU restrictions and Covid-19 case counts per 1 million population for nations
(Source: Worldometer and Euronews)

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