Half of Humanity Confined by Pandemic: DW

Confirmed COVID-19 cases exceed1 million worldwide, and the death toll is more than 50,000. Numerous economies imposed shutdowns of all but essential services like food, ordering citizens to shelter in their homes and avoid crowds. “Coronavirus prevention measures that include required or recommended confinement, curfews, and quarantines have been put in place in over 90 countries and territories,” reports Deutsche Welle. The disease is highly contagious, but protective equipment including masks, gloves and disposable gowns are limited, and governments strive to prevent overwhelmed hospitals. Slowed economic activity results in millions of people losing jobs. Deutsche Welle summarizes responses: distribution of aid to vulnerable nations by the World Bank, A World Trade Organization warning about disruptions in supply chains and potential food shortages, release of prisoners in multiple nations, threats to shoot quarantine violators in the Philippines and withholding of tests and treatment from refugees in some countries. Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha noted, “we all need to adapt for survival and have social responsibility, so that we can make it through this crisis.” Many leaders call for global solidarity and another article from Deutsche Well points out, “The virus has yet to arrive at full strength in developing countries, but poor health care facilities and weak finances point to grim times ahead.” – YaleGlobal

Half of Humanity Confined by Pandemic: DW

COVID-19 confines almost 4 billion people, half of Earth’s population and more countries extend restrictions to avoid overwhelming health providers
Friday, April 3, 2020

Read the article from Deutsche Welle about half the world under lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

 Also read “Developing Countries Brace for Bigger Blow” from Deutsche Welle: “A majority of the so-called emerging economies have younger populations and suffer from connectivity issues, so, they may not be as vulnerable to the coronavirus as their more advanced peers. The good news ends there. The developing countries are staring into what could be a deep and prolonged recession….”  As investors flee to safe havens and dollar investments, analysts worry about debt defaults, higher borrowing costs and reduced liquidity. Countries that rely on oil production, tourism and trade could also struggle.

Lockdowns, Full and Partial, Selected Nations 30+ Days China, Italy,  Germany, US, Pakistan, New Zealand, Mexico 20 to 30 Days India, Spain, Argentina, UK 10 to 20 Days France, Ireland, South Africa, Nigeria, Bangladesh Up to 10 days Russia
Countries have urged various forms of lockdowns, with some extended - Japan and Indonesia are populous nations that have yet to impose lockdowns, but that could change (Source: News reports)

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