Lockdown on Coronavirus: South China Morning Post

China has taken the unprecedented step of quarantining Wuhan, a city of 11 million, to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus. The virus has infected more than 500, killed 17 people and spread to at least six nations since the start of the year. Public health officials connect foreign cases to travel and time spent in Wuhan. Wuhan's public transportation is closed. “Local residents rushed to railway stations and the airport after the announcement of the lockdown on Wednesday night,” reports South China Morning Post. There was no ban for private vehicles, but the “government told residents not to leave the city without ‘special reason.’” Airport staff in China and elsewhere screen passenger temperatures and apply disinfectant. Concern runs high as millions of Chinese have travel plans for the Lunar New Year. The lockdown announcement for Wuhan was abrupt, allowing little time for preparation, and Wuhan residents stock up on supplies. Elsewhere in China, people avoid crowded places like cinemas. Update: More than 900 cases are reported with 26 deaths; more than 10 cities have travel restrictions. The government is urging cancellation of Lunar New Year celebrations to minimize crowds. – YaleGlobal

Lockdown on Coronavirus: South China Morning Post

China issues rules to quarantine and close public transport for Wuhan, with 11 million people, and other cities to limit spread of coronavirus
Thursday, January 23, 2020

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Also read analysis from the New York Times about how the new virus could impact the global economy: “The uncertainty has put a palpable damper on Chinese life just before the Lunar New Year holiday — typically a time of travel, shopping and gift-giving — which begins on Friday. Train stations and airports were subdued as travelers changed plans for the weeklong holiday, and seven of the most anticipated film openings of the holiday season were postponed.”

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  Closed public transportation cancelled events, masks in public  Wuhan	    11 million people Huanggang  7.5 million people Ezhou	      1 million people Xiantao	      1 million   Major events canceled in Beijing and other cities - photo of health workers in white suits transporting patient

(Source: photo, EPA; data, South China Morning Post and BBC News)

China’s Response to New Coronavirus  China has made all-out efforts to prevent and control the disease, promptly disclose related information, and informed the World Health Organization as well as relevant countries and regions about the disease in a timely manner.       – President Xi Jinping, China Daily News  To my knowledge, trying to contain a city of 11 million people is new to science. It has not been tried before as a public health measure, so we cannot at this stage say it will or will not work.  –  Gauden Galea, World Health Organization, China representative for China

(Source: China Daily News and AP)

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