Impeachment Rules Set: Time

The US House of Representatives voted along party lines, except for two votes, to set rules for the impeachment inquiry of US President Donald Trump. Even supporters of impeachment express concern that the partisan divide will doom the effort to remove Trump from office: “the partisan breakdown of the vote shows the uphill battle Democrats will face as they try to convince their Republican colleagues that Trump should be removed from office,” reports Alan Abramson for Time. “Trump’s attorneys will be allowed to make their case and present evidence during the Judiciary Committee proceedings. However, if the White House does not cooperate with the inquiry, Democrats reserved the right to take those privileges away.” US voters, along with a global audience, will examine the evidence and assess the US system of checks and balances. – YaleGlobal

Impeachment Rules Set: Time

US House of Representatives sets rules for Trump impeachment inquiry: A global audience will assess the evidence and the US system of checks and balances
Alana Abramson
Friday, November 1, 2019

Read the article from Time about the US House of Representatives voting to set rules for an impeachment inquiry.

President Trump can ask questions during the impeachment inquiry with the condtion that he cooperates (Source: MSNBC)

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