Libya Defies Calls for Global Ceasefire: Guardian

The civil war in Libya has escalated even though the United Nations called for a “global ceasefire.” Warlord General Khalifa Haftar and his forces, the Libyan National Army, or LNA, claim to occupy some towns in the northwest and repel attacks by the UN-backed government army aiming to capture the key airbase. After the two warring parties recently agreed to a humanitarian truce, the peace lasted for 24 hours. Both sides suggest that the civil war has reached a critical point with international players distracted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Turkey sent drones into LNA-controlled areas to disrupt Haftar’s control. To stop the conflict from escalating, the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union expressed varying concerns and dissatisfaction. Libya has lost nearly $4 billion due to oil production shutdown since January, reports Libyan National Oil Corporation. The recent collapse of oil prices offer another challenge for Libya in confronting the pandemic. – YaleGlobal

Libya Defies Calls for Global Ceasefire: Guardian

Libya’s civil war escalates, ignoring UN calls for a ceasefire; quarrels over oil production levels push prices down, complicating Libya’s COVID-19 response
Patrick Wintour
Thursday, April 2, 2020

Read the article from the Guardian about escalation of the civil war in Libya.

Patrick Wintour is diplomatic editor for the Guardian.

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(Source: YaleGlobal and Global Conflict Tracker)

Year	US strikes in Libya 2012	 3  2013	 5  2014	 281  2015	 339  2016	 1,133  2017	 601  2018	 218  2019	 1,626  2020	 391

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