Nations Gradually Reopen Business: Washington Post

Several countries plan to ease coronavirus restrictions, implying the cautious optimism that life may return to normality. Germany, which took effective measures early, is slowly reopening businesses even though some scientists argue that the country should keep the restriction policy until tracking cases becomes easier, a strategy allowing for a greater degree of freedom in the long term. Chancellor Angela Merkel cautions people from carelessness and warns about the risk of relapse. In addition, Spain and Austria allowed some businesses to resume operation with restrictions and mask requirements. However, many European countries, including Britain and France, remain under strict lockdown policies due to the much higher death rates compared to the average. New Zealand extended its lockdown for five days, allowing only workplaces that can maintain social distancing to be reopen – this despite a low number of confirmed cases and high recovery rate. Governments across the world consider the tradeoff between economic development and public health. – YaleGlobal

Nations Gradually Reopen Business: Washington Post

Some nations gradually ease the coronavirus restrictions even as new confirmed cases emerge due to economic and political pressure
Rick Noack and Loveday Morris
Friday, April 24, 2020

Read the article from the Washington Post about political pressure on governments to reopen economies before Covid-19 cases subside to levels recommended by public health experts.

Rick Noack currently covers international news from The Washington Post's Berlin bureau. He is a foreign affairs reporter focusing on Europe and international security.

Loveday Morris is The Washington Post's Berlin bureau chief and covers Europe.

Country	Death rate (by Apr 21) Deaths UK 13.4% 17337 Italy 13.4%	24648 France	13.4%	20796 Netherlands	11.5%	3916 Spain	10.4% 21282 World 6.9% 175412 USA 5.4% 43663 Germany 3.3% 4948
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