NPR: US Announces Withdrawal From UN Human Rights Council

The US ambassador to the United Nations and the secretary state announced that the country is withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council. The diplomats insist withdrawal is not a retreat from human rights commitments and called some of the organization’s endeavors “hypocritical” and “self-serving.” Ambassador Nikki Haley has complained about the Council’s bias against Israel for its treatment of Palestinians and opposed fellow members with troubling human rights records including Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and China. Critics of the plan suggest reform can be promoted within the Council as a member. The announcement was made as angry protests greet a Trump administration policy that encourages separation of children from parents at the border and news reports that the immigrant infants and toddlers are being held in warehouses. The chaotic policy risks that some families may never be reunited. The UN high commissioner on human rights called US policy “unconscionable.” The president of the American Academy of Pediatrics has called it “government-sanctioned child abuse.” – YaleGlobal

NPR: US Announces Withdrawal From UN Human Rights Council

The US withdraws from the UN Human Rights Council, and the high commissioner describes US immigration policy separating parents and children as unconscionable
Colin Dwyer
Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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What a sad day for the USA. After the sacrifices of our fathers and forefathers for freedom, we now sit by passively and allow the USA to become a joke in the global community and turn our back on the world. During one of the most crushing periods in history for human rights, one of the strongest pillars collapses without a whimper from the US Congress. Shame on us for allowing this tragedy to occur. An already weak US Government now looks as pathetic as a third-world dictatorship hiding from responsibility for the disasters taking place all around us. We can now shut the door on being a super-power and take our place in the last row of corrupt, little petty-states in global forums and ignore the horrendous circumstances of abuse that have closed in on us. God save the powerless.