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The world faces common challenges in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and reopening economies. Executive coach Alisa Cohen urges business and community leaders to develop plans that can handle uncertainty. This requires collecting information and data from diverse sources, being ready for constant changes and the ability to make swift adjustments, perceiving and accepting reality and encouraging workers to do the same. She advises entire teams to brainstorm on a series of “what if” questions while preparing for worst-case scenarios, setting priorities ready for adjustments, and communicating those priorities widely while recognizing rapid adaptation and innovation. Cohen concludes, “It’s not pleasant to think about what might go wrong, but it’s important to anticipate various outcomes so you can start planning for an uncertain future while executing intelligently today.” – YaleGlobal

Plan for Future Nobody Can Plan For: Forbes

Governments, businesses and other organizations prepare for uncertainty – the successful ones plan ahead, setting priorities and ready to adapt at any stage
Alisa Cohn
Saturday, April 18, 2020

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Alisa Cohen is an executive coach who works with startup CEOs, co-founders and executive teams. Her areas of focus are leadership development; scaling your start-up; executive presence; power influence & charisma and decision-making.

Foresight: Planning for Uncertainty     - Include appropriate decision-makers     - Set purpose, goals, problems to be solved     - Define ways forward and engage     - Consider all scenarios with neutral process     - Set priorities      - Prepare for the discomfort of not knowing     - Develop strategies that adjust to new conditions     - Monitor data and be ready to adapt

(Source: Kristel Van der Elst, Yale Insights, 2016)

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