Post-Pandemic World: Al Jazeera

Responses to crisis that resist fear, focusing on analysis and repair, will minimize damage. The liberal international order that emerged after World War II was “ gradually eroded by the combined forces of globalisation, poverty and the unresponsiveness of mainstream political parties to local discontent,” explains Fahd Humayun for Al Jazeera. Recent erosion of that order led to inequality, protectionism and reduced trust. The pandemic could reinforce such values or expose their futility. Humayun expresses optimism that the pandemic may blunt hyper-individualism: “While even the liberal global north takes drastic steps to isolate, quarantine and restrict the movement of citizens, in the long-term, the pandemic will likely demonstrate that a world without safety nets, cooperation and deep cross-border engagement is no longer tenable.” Leaders who rejected expertise and failed to prepare won't escape investigations with misinformation and belligerence. Cooperation on travel, trade, distribution of protective equipment, public health and financial strategies along with solidarity and generosity could end the crisis. The world will assess responses. Humayun concludes that COVID-19 may be a moral reckoning for governments on policies endorsing inequality, short-term thinking and environmental destruction. – YaleGlobal

Post-Pandemic World: Al Jazeera

Failure to use caution on COVID-19 has eroded trust; new norms may be required on states' behavior with one another and basic consideration for fellow humans
Fahd Humayun
Monday, March 30, 2020

Read the article from Al Jazeera about how the COVID-19 health and economic crises require cooperation more than a go-it-alone approach.

Fahd Humayun is a PhD candidate at Yale.

Crisis Responses  Forces that weaken crisis:  -Effective management by government -Expert advisory committees  -Takes scientific approach -Ability to coordinate resources -Leaders frame crisis, take responsibility -Operational control that reduces crisis -Public support for approaches. Forces that strengthen crisis:  -Ineffective management -Government loses control, worsens crisis -Opposition to collective action  -Leaders seek scapegoats -Attempts to conceal truth -Public criticizes approaches -Negative media coverage
“The process of blame and response is an essential element in the interaction between the state and the society, as they can be understood as the strengthening forces and weakening forces for a crisis.” (Source: “Crisis Politics in Authoritarian Regimes,” Hin-yeung Chan, Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management)

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