Russia Cabinet Resigns: DW

Russia struggles to transition away from President Vladimir Putin’s leadership. In power for two decades, Putin announced constitutional reforms that could influence the parliamentary elections in 2021 could keep him in power beyond 2024. Russian law prohibits him from running for a third consecutive six-year term. In the past, Putin and former Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev abided by the law by exchanging roles. In his address, Putin said the previous government failed to meet goals, and all members including Medvedev and the foreign minister resigned. Mikhail Mishustin, tax authority chief, will be prime minister. “In an address to parliament ahead of the vote, Mishustin said that Russians must ‘feel real changes for the better’ and that he was committed to keeping inflation at around 4%,” reports Deutsche Welle. “He added that all members of his government will ‘bear personal responsibility’ for achieving Putin's economic development program, Russian news agency Interfax reported.” The changes offer multiple ways for Putin to retain a lock on power, suggests Roman Goncharenko in a separate essay. Power at home allows him to apply foreign influence. Other cabinet members have yet to be announced. Putin’s goals for Russia include increasing the birth rate and improving quality of life. – YaleGlobal

Russia Cabinet Resigns: DW

Putin chastises his cabinet, appoints a tax official as prime minister, consolidates power – and fails to take responsibility for Russia’s problems
Thursday, January 16, 2020

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