Sinn Féin Gains in Irish Election: AP

UPDATED: Sinn Féin won nearly 25 percent of the vote in Ireland’s February 8 election. “In a surge that upended Ireland’s traditional two-party system, the left-wing nationalist party beat both Fianna Fail and Fine Gael, the centrist parties that have governed Ireland since it won independence from Britain a century ago,” reports the Associated Press. “Sinn Fein’s left-wing proposals for tackling Ireland’s housing crisis and creaking healthcare system proved a powerful draw for young voters in a country that is still dealing with aftershocks of the 2008 global financial crisis, which hammered its debt-driven ‘Celtic Tiger’ economy.” Ireland relies on a proportional-representation system, and all parties must negotiate a coalition government, and Fianna Fáil eventually accumulated more votes. The article concludes, “Brexit looks likely to nudge Northern Ireland’s economy closer to that of its southern neighbour, and could increase pressure for a vote on unification,” Sinn Féin’s platform supports reunification with Northern Ireland, with a call for a vote within five years. – YaleGlobal

Sinn Féin Gains in Irish Election: AP

In Ireland’s election, Sinn Féin surprises by taking a large share of the vote, but centrist parties Fianna Fáil gains more in the final tabulation
Jill Lawless And Nicolae Dumitrache
Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Read the article from Associated Press about the results in Ireland’s election.

 2020 General Election Results	 Labour Party	6 Social Democrats	6 Other	7 Green Party	12 Independents	19 Fine Gael	35 Sinn Féin	37 Fianna Fáil 	38

(Source: BBC News)

Also read “What Sinn Féin’s Election Victory Means for Ireland” from New York magazine.

Ireland’s Election Results Signal Trends for Europe ● Growth of nationalist and separatist movements  ● Erosion of centrist, two-party consensus democracies ● Destabilizing impact of Brexit  ● Voter resentment over unevenly distributed economic growth

(Source: Jonah Shepp, New York)

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