Social Distancing Saves Lives: MarketWatch

More than half the global population could eventually be infected with COVID-19, and the elderly and people with compromised immune systems are especially vulnerable. Sudden outbreaks can overwhelm health systems with limited staff, hospital beds and equipment. Already US testing capacity is stressed. To avoid disaster, public health experts advise avoiding large gatherings and maintaining social distance with vigilance on hygiene. “Rather than letting the virus quickly rampage through the population and burn itself out fast, the idea is to spread all those infections out over a longer period of time,” reports Matthew McQueen for MarketWatch. This will allow “the health care infrastructure gain invaluable time to respond to the crisis” and reduce deaths. Social distancing requires avoiding crowds, mass gatherings and staying two meters away from other individuals. Listening to advice from public health experts demonstrates consideration for health providers and the elderly, and failure to listen could extend the economic costs. Individuals have tremendous control over the impacts of this crisis. – YaleGlobal

Social Distancing Saves Lives: MarketWatch

Social distancing comes at a massive economic cost, but it’s the only way to save millions of lives – delaying infections allows hospitals and staff to prepare
Matthew McQueen
Thursday, March 12, 2020

Read the article from MarketWatch about the benefits of social distancing in combatting COVID-19.

Matthew McQueen is director of the Public Health Program and associate professor of Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Advice on Social Distancing  -	Inform others about your goal of keeping social distance -	Wash hands before touching used items -	Avoid touching face -	Avoid crowds -	Cough into arm or tissue -	Dispose anything that comes into contact with mouth -	Avoid contact with those showing symptoms -	Keep a distance of 2 meters -	Have supplies to avoid shopping during intense outbreak -	Stock up on games, books and movies

(Source: Advice, University of Chicago Safety & Security; image, Rawpixel)

Preferred Personal Space, Selected Nations                 With Strangers  60 to 90 cm Argentina, Peru, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Spain 	  90 to 120 cm	Italy, US, Germany, UK, Brazil, Nigeria, India, Iran, China.  With Acquaintances   60 to 90 cm Austria, Greece Italy, US, Kenya, South Korea, China   90 to 120 cm Switzerland, Pakistan, Uganda, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Hungary,

Some nations will struggle with social distancing more than others (Source: A Sorokowska et al, Preferred Interpersonal Distances: A Global Concern, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology)

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