Spiegel: EU Mulls Funding Cuts for Eastern Europe

Europe’s largest and most powerful economies maintain that values embracing human rights and the rule of law have enhanced European prosperity. So it’s understandable that the Germany, France and others do not want to subsidize Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and other states that skirt the rule of law, refuse to support refugees and engage in corruption enriching a few individuals in power rather than society at large. EU priorities include protecting external borders, integration of immigrants and scientific research, reports Spiegel, and subsidizing member states that defy EU standards aids conservative right-wing politicians. Brexit means the bloc will have less funding, so the time could be right for using the budget to discipline problem members. The European Commission has implemented legal proceedings under Article 7 that could eventually strip Poland of voting rights in EU bodies. But reduced subsidies, ensuring a budget that reflects EU values, could be more effective. The member states that lend the greatest support to the EU budget expect a say in how funds are spent, and the proposal may already taking effect. – YaleGlobal

Spiegel: EU Mulls Funding Cuts for Eastern Europe

The European Commission considers linking member-state subsidies to adherence to the rule of law – as values training for some Eastern European countries
Markus Becker, Peter Müller, Christoph Schult and Jan Puhl
Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Read the article from Spiegel Online about proposals for the EU budget reducing subsidies for member states that defy the rule of law.

Markus Becker has been correspondent in Spiegel’s Brussels editorial office since July 2015. Christoph Schult reports from Spiegel’s capital office, mainly responsible for foreign affairs. Jan Puhl is an editor for Spiegel and has written about Eastern Europe and Africa for 14 years.

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