Spiegel: Syria’s Uncertain Future

Syria’s civil war is winding down with Bashar al-Assad still in power. The country is devastated with more than 400,000 people dead and more than 11 million displaced. One estimate of the war’s damages is $250 billion, and the economic losses could be much higher. Assad, a dictator, and his supporters, a minority, regard the rebels who initially tried peaceful protests as terrorists, and the fate of his opponents in Idlib and the northeast Kurdish area is uncertain, reports Spiegel Online: “The destruction of hundreds of thousands of families, the fear of returning felt by refugees, the imprisonments and abuse, the mistrust of a kleptocratic leadership -- none of these factors have disappeared.” Syrians returning must prove property ownership and receive questionable forms of compensation. Government confiscations of property, plundering, a fragmented opposition and peace talks that disintegrate into quarrels over foreign influence ensure that reconciliation will be difficult. Assad won with Russia’s support and Russia expects the West, which provided limited support to the rebels, to provide reconstruction aid. Western leaders want to stabilize the country, yet recognize that any aid will strengthen the Assad regime. – YaleGlobal

Spiegel: Syria's Uncertain Future

After seven years of war, Syria’s Assad has three-quarters of the country back under his control, but Western reconstruction funding is tied to his departure
Christoph Reuter, Fritz Schaap and Christian Werner
Thursday, August 16, 2018

Read the article from Spiegel Online about the war in Syria and need for reconstruction aid.

Christoph Reuter is a reporter for Foreign Affairs at SPIEGEL. He has been reporting for decades on the crisis regions of the Islamic world - since 2011, especially from and about Syria. He is a studied Islamic scholar and speaks fluent Arabic. In addition to numerous award-winning reports, he published in 2015 the book The Black Power on the inner workings of the Islamic State.

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