Stratfor: Security Implications of Brexit

Much of the concern and discussions on Brexit centers around politics and trade, but security is another priority, maintains Julian Lindley-French. European security depends on close cooperation, especially on intelligence-gathering. “Britain's security, and by extension that of Europe, will be profoundly weakened if the former is not also fully plugged into the latter,” Lindley-French writes. “Being an island is not what it used to be.” He maintains that the EU has mechanisms for exit and that Britain was not the union’s most enthusiastic member, often blocking integration efforts. Still, the EU and its one-time member can still cooperate. Lindley recommends a form of associate membership by which Britain is exempt from jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, has access to the Single Market and can develop security arrangements under which British forces operate under EU mandate. He presents various scenarios for how Brexit could strengthen or weaken NATO, and concludes by noting that post-Brexit security cooperation is as essential as economic cooperation and that Britain won’t provide one without the other. – YaleGlobal

Stratfor: Security Implications of Brexit

Planning for Brexit should not overlook the security implications – the European Union must accommodate Britain on trade for security cooperation
Julian Lindley-French
Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Read the article from Stratfor about security as a Brexit priority.

Defense expenditures of NATO members showing the United States contributes the bulk followed by the UK, France and Germany
Security: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization has about 18,000 military personnel engaged in missions around the world (Defense Expenditures data: NATO)


Julian Lindley-French is a leading strategic analyst, author and commentator with several books to his name. He is senior fellow at the Institute of Statecraft, Director of Europa Analytica, a member of the Strategic Advisory Group of the Atlantic Council of the United States and the Strategic Advisory Panel of General Sir Nick Houghton, Chief of the British Defence Staff. He is also an honorary fellow of the Strategy and Security Institute at the University of Exeter.

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