Sweden’s Approach on Covid-19: Euronews

Sweden rejected economic lockdowns and border closures as overly cautious in managing the Covid-19 pandemic. The country did ban large gatherings, closed some schools, and told its older population to self-isolate, reports Darren McCaffrey for Euronews. Restaurants, primary schools and most businesses remain open. The disease has not overwhelmed hospitals, and Swedish people support the approach even though the nation reports more deaths per capita than other Nordic nations. Studies suggest that as many as half of Sweden’s population may have had Covid-19. The approach does not account for long-term consequences. For example, research has identified associations to childhood leukemia and schizophrenia from maternal cases of influenza. Researchers caution on Covid-19’s many unknowns, and McCaffrey concludes, “it will be a long time before we can fully assess whether or not Sweden has got it right.” UPDATE: A report from CNN suggests that clotting associated with the virus may cause strokes in people as young as 30. – YaleGlobal

Sweden’s Approach on Covid-19: Euronews

Sweden rejects closing borders or economic shutdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, and relies on voluntary social-distancing recommendations based on age and health status
Darren McCaffrey
Wednesday, April 22, 2020

High risk? Sweden has banned large gatherings, but most businesses and public places remain open in April even as research continues on possible long-term consequences of Covid-19 (Source: Johan Nilsson/TT News Agency/Reuters; Medical News Today)

Read the article from Euronews about Sweden's approach to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Darren McCaffrey is political editor for Euronews.

Also read a report on doctors finding a sevenfold increase in sudden stroke in young patients in recent weeks from CNN.

Covid-19 Death Totals and Deaths per 100,000, Selected Nations, April 21, 2020: Finland, 149	2.7 Norway, 185	3.4 Denmark, 384	6.65 Sweden, 1,937	19.3 Italy, 24,648	40.7
Comparison: In Europe, Covid-19 initially hit Italy; the virus has been more deadly in Sweden, with voluntary measures, than in Scandinavian neighbors Finland, Denmark and Norway, which applied stricter measures (Source: Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering)

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